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Since Q4 2013, I'm starting to write a personal blog and others... Stay tuned!
2013, Scrum Product Owner @Dada - Simply unit
Too long to describe the Product Owner's role. Find it on a search engine in order to understand what is my job in Dada ( unit).
I've started few month ago and I've found ... mmm, go ahead... .
Anyway: will be a fantastic challange!
2012, One year Agile methodologies training @Dada
One year of Agile Scrum's training as Scrum Master and Agile Tester within one of two pilots, in order to address this new methodology that Dada introduced as new organizational method. After that, people who were choosen (of course also me), became trainers to the rest of the company.
Was an exciting experiance that changed my mind and my approch to work for ever.
2009, Project Manager - User Experiance @Register, D&H product unit
At Dada, as a Senior Manager within the “User Interface Division”, I was in charge to manage two of the most important staffs: the Project Management staff that was established when Luca became a manager in the division and the Web Design staff involved in design, development and maintenance of the Dada Group Stores user interface (Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and Netherlands).
2007, Product Manager - Traffic refining @Register, ADV product unit
At, Luca was involved in the “Customer Acquisition & Scalable Advertising” as senior product manager. I've contributed to identify and develop the new scalable advertising model in order to generate revenue converting the users traffic.
2004, Project Manager @Dada, eBusiness Solution unit
Starting from September 2004 I was involved in the eBS division (eBusiness Solution) of Dada (RCS Group) as a Consultant with responsibility in project management, analysis and technical support.

After this first experience I was immediately involved as a Product Manager in order to develop and improve the Guide channel of superEva (historical Italian portal) in terms of visitors, traffic ranking and advertising revenue.

2001, Project Manager @ZDNet, Italian properties
At ZDNet (Joint Venture from and CNet Networks), as A Production Manager the main activities were: to coordinate/manage the web agency taken to the develop the portal; to manage a internal team allocated in order to maintain the portal and to develop the varius features.
2000 eCommerce Manager @Gialloviaggi - Seat PG business travel unit
At S.p.A. (eCommerce business travel agency) as a Web Manager, I've contributed to design and to develop the first release of the Store.
2004, Project Manager @Travelonline
At S.p.A. I've participated in the design and development of the Store starting from the startup of the company.
We are speaking about the first era of the Internet. In this scenario I started my journey in a new world with roles and rules that still had to be written. Was exciting.



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